Volume № 55 (2020)

Personal Names and Cultural Reconstructions

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Personal Names and Cultural Reconstructions: 
Introduction to the volume                                                                            Lasse Hämäläinen, Jaakko Raunamaa, and Johanna Virkkula

Problems of chronological and social stratification in historical
anthroponomastics: The case of “lupine” and “equine” proper names among the Indo-European peoples

Aleksandar Loma 

Calling people gods:
Theonyms as bynames in medieval Finland and Karelia                      Frog

North and South extremes: A comparative analysis of Vandal and Old Norse personal names
Caterina Saracco

Animal art and personal names in Iron Age Scandinavia:            Different media – corresponding cultural codes?
Sofie Laurine Albris 

Personal naming customs and the reconstruction of medieval mentalities: The example of Southern Germany
Rosa Kohlheim and Volker Kohlheim 

Bilingual personal designations in medieval Finnish sources
Oliver Blomqvist 

Trends of naming individuals of different origin in medieval Prussia
Darius Ivoška

Newly discovered Lithuanian compound names with first stem of Christian origin as witnesses of the intersection of pagan and Christian cultures
Daiva Sinkevičiūtė 

The continuity of Viking Age names in Denmark – 
18th-century evidence of long-lasting survivors                                      Birgit Eggert 

Sørbine, Sørenine and Sørensine: The feminising suffix -ine as a phenomenon in the Danish naming practice
Lars-Jakob Harding Kællerød 

Caesar, Jack, and Cuffee: African-American fugitive slave names in the 17th to the 19th century
Anna-Maria Balbach 

The so-called Coloured people of South Africa:                              Modern anthroponymic reconstruction?
Bertie Neethling 

Are contemporary Bulgarian personal names still indicative of a
Bulgarian identity?
Anna Choleva-Dimitrova, Nadezhda Dancheva, Maya Vlahova-Angelova, and Gergana Petkova 

Reconstructing a cultural heritage:                                                            The return of biblical personal names in Israel
Malka Muchnik 



Slovak and ICOS onomastic terminologies
Iveta Valentová 



I. M. Nick, Personal names, Hitler, and the Holocaust. A socio-onomastic study of genocide and Nazi Germany, Lanham, MD: Lexington Books, 2019, pp. xxvi + 469. US $140.00. (HB), ISBN 978-1-4985-2597-8.
Frank Nuessel 



In memoriam Nicolae Felecan (1941–2020)
Alina Bugheşiu


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