Peer review

  • Manuscripts are reviewed by two independent, anonymous reviewers, chosen by the editors, in compliance with the principles of the Ethics and malpractice statement on this website.
  • The review process usually takes up to one month, but it may be extended to 2 months, in the case of papers dealing with special, rare topics. After receiving the referees’ opinions, the editors will inform the authors about the decision made in relation to their submission, which may be accepted for publication without any changes, accepted for publication upon revision, or rejected altogether.
  • The editors will send the authors the comments and suggestions made by the reviewers for the revisions of manuscripts accepted for publication. In general, the authors must return the revised paper within 3 weeks, but an extension of this deadline may be granted if more thorough revision is necessary. In both cases, the revised paper will subsequently be re-evaluated by the editors and reviewers. If it is accepted, the manuscript is subjected to final editing procedures and resent to the authors in .pdf format, who must give their consent before the actual publication of the paper.
  • If a manuscript is rejected during any stage of the reviewing process, the editors will inform the authors about the reasons underlying this decision. Authors are free to submit rejected manuscripts for publication elsewhere.