Manuscript submission procedure

  • To submit a manuscript, authors can use the form (it will soon be available on the website) or they can send the material via e-mail (
  • Authors must submit their contributions in .doc or .docx format. Each contribution will include two distinct files, with specific names and contents:
    1. Title page: title of the paper (in the language of the manuscript), authors’ title and name, affiliation, postal address, e-mail address, abstract and 3-5 keywords (in all the three official languages of ICOS and Onoma: English, French, and German; each abstract should comprise about 150 words). Please note that abstracts and keywords should only be sent for research reports and articles, whereas reviews for books or scientific events will not require these components;
    2. Main document, in one of the official languages of ICOS (English, French, German), without any indication of the authors’ identity and including the manuscript itself, which must end with bibliographical references and acknowledgements (if applicable).
  • If writing in English, please use British spelling and typographical conventions.
  • Before submitting a manuscript, non-native speakers must have their contributions checked by a native speaker or ensure similar level of competence by other means.