Ausgabe Nr. 51 (2016)

Asiatische Onomastik


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Sungjae Choo, Peter Kang, Multamia R. M. T. Lauder


The use of Hanja (Chinese characters) in Korean toponyms: Practices and issues
Sungjae Choo


(Re)naming Hanoi streets after historical people from colonialism to postcolonialism: Creation and recalling collective memories
Phùng Thị Thanh Lâm


From Cairo to the nationalistic geography of China: Street-naming in Taipei City immediately after WWII
Peter Kang


Abui landscape names: Origin and functions
František Kratochvíl, Benidiktus Delpada, Francesco Perono Cacciafoco


Lunar mansion names in South-West China: An etymological reconstruction of ancestral astronomical designations in Moso, Pumi, and Yi cultures compared with Chinese and Tibetan contexts
Xu Duoduo


Clan names of the Simalungun Batak: The naming system of an Indonesian ethnic group
Purnama Rika Perdana, Multamia R. M. T. Lauder, Allan F. Lauder


Linguistic composition and characteristics of Chinese given names
Irena Kałużyńska


La nomination dans la littérature japonaise à travers les oeuvres de Yasunari Kawabata
Marcienne Martin


Anthroponymic system of Malaysia: Name popularity and culture shift
Veronika V. Robustova


Un paysage de noms : génonymes, clans et ethnicités dans l’Inde du Nord-Est
Philippe Ramirez