Volume № 54 (2019)

Young Scholars of Onomastics

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Young Scholars of Onomastics: Introduction to the volume
Lasse Hämäläinen

Community microtoponymy: Proposals to read an oral corpus
from Marene (Piedmont, Italy)

Sara Racca 

Comparative research of Czech and Finnish place names:
Possible problems related to classification, terminology and
other differences

Soňa Wojnarová

The realisation of traditional local dialectal features in the address names of two Western Norwegian municipalities
Wen Ge

An analysis of the relationship between toponyms and a variety of historical and cultural specificities in the discursive construction of identity in a regional town in Zimbabwe
Dorcas Zuvalinyenga, Alan Libert 

Immigrants’ business naming: Persian restaurants and supermarkets in Vienna’s linguistic landscape
Fatemeh Akbari 

The role of pragmatonyms in the formation of a post-apocalyptic worldview in a role-playing video game
Oleksandra Kuzmenko 

Indo-Iranian personal names in Mitanni: A source for cultural reconstruction
Simone Gentile 

Individual names of the upper classes of Chieri (Turin) in the 16th century
Elisabetta Rossi 

Sociocultural inscriptions in a personal name: A case study of name-giving in Latvia
Anna Elizabete Griķe 

Given names of Russian-speaking children born in Finland between 2000–2018
Ksenia Eskola, Lasse Hämäläinen 



Commemorative street names in Languedoc: Reviving the spirit, elevating the mind and strengthening patriotism
Rex Taylor 



Onoma : La revue, quelle bévue !
Enzo Caffarelli 


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