Volume № 53 (2018)

Explorations in literary onomastic theory


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Literary onomastic theory – An introduction
Martyna Katarzyna Gibka, Richard Coates

Linguistic aspects of literary name origination                        Richard Coates

Notes on functions of proper names in literature
Žaneta Dvořáková

Functions of characters’ proper names in novels
Martyna Katarzyna Gibka

Functions of characters’ proper names in television series: Theoretical outline
Martyna Katarzyna Gibka

Proper names in literature: A “reevaluation of all values”
Volker Kohlheim

Naming as art in Shakespeare’s Tempest
Grant W. Smith


Volker Kohlheim, Der Name in der Literatur. Unter Mitarbeit von
Rosa Kohlheim (Beiträge zur neueren Literaturgeschichte Bd. 393),
Heidelberg: Universitätsverlag Winter, 2019, 371 S.
Karlheinz Hengst

Oliviu Felecan (ed.), Onomastics between sacred and profane (Series in Language and Linguistics), Wilmington, Del.: Vernon Press, 2019, 412 + xxvi pp.
Volker Kohlheim

Martyna Gibka, Literary onomastics: A theory, Łódź: ArchaeGraph, 2019, 170 pp.
Grant W. Smith

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